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Will Neetu go back to Rishi???

Amit is a gem

A heart warmer called Neetu

She retired from acting, at an age when most of the Bollywood divas began their career. Neetu Singh represented teenage aspirations in the 70's. Gifted with an angelic face and lots of zeal she lived her roles and created a niche in a short span of time.

Delhi born actress's stint with cinema started when she was studying in school. Neetu then known as Baby Sonia was debuted in film with a wee role as Rajendra Kumar's sister in SURAJ (1966). Who can forget that fantastic voice in the famous beggar song Gareebon Ki Suno from DUS LAKH (1967)? In DO KALIYAN (1968), Baby Sonia played twin sisters, who reunite their separated parents.


Neetu first film as a leading lady was RICKSHAWALA (1973), which had Randhir Kapoor as the male lead. The film was a flop. The same year witnessed Neetu in YAADON KI BAARAT and overnight she became the talk of the town.

Then started the Neetu-Rishi stint. Both of them jelled very well on screen. The on screen chemistry was amazing. This pair stared in KHEL KHEL MEIN (1975), RAFOO CHAKKAR, KABHI KABHIE and AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY. It was during this time that the duo got cozy and declared that the chemistry, which started on screen, had also crept off screen.

Her acting was such that she literally imbibed every role that she donned. In KABHI KABHIE we witnessed a Neetu who on one hand performed amazingly as daughter in quest of her mother's love and on the other hand she excelled as a girl who is so much in love. Basu Chatterjee's PRIYATAMA projected her as a married woman coping with all problems life had to offer. In Yash Chopra's KAALA PATHAR we saw her as a jovial Chudiwali who loses her man and finally breaks her own bangles.

Apart from this, Neetu acted opposite Amitabh Bachchan (ADALAT, PARVARISH, THE GREAT GAMBLER, YAARANA), Rajesh Khanna (CHAKRAVYUH), Vinod Khanna (YUVRAJ), Randhir Kapoor (KASME VAADE), Shatrughan Sinha (KAALA PATTHAR) and Jeetendra (DHARAMVEER, PRIYATAMA).

Neetu's career ended when Rishi Kapoor proposed marriage in the year 1979. She was only 21, but had had made so much name. Presently Neetu is busy helping her children Ranbhir and Ridhima with their career.


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